The Biggest Scam Ever

Should evil (Biden/Harris) prevail, the more we do hope and pray for the coming of Messiah on Rosh HaShana or Yom Teruah in 5782! Because Adam – David – Moshiach HaMelech ( א – ד – מ — Aleph – Dalet – Mem) is 2854 + 37 = 2891 x 2 = 5782 = 2021! Want to know more? Click here.

The Biggest Scam Ever – The Election Fraud of November 3, 2020
Der grösste Betrug aller Zeiten – Der Wahlbetrug vom 3. November 2020

Know the truth about the election? Watch here – this page is regularly updated
Last updated 26-NOV-2020:
PA EXPLODES! Judge BLOCKS Vote Certification as SHOCKING Details of Voter Fraud EMERGE!!!

STOP reading, watching or listening to Fake News, Lamestream and MSM (Main Stream) media such as CNN, NBC, New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC News – and the new king of Fake News Fox News which should rather be called Faux News!

See the correct results here: Every Legal Vote – 2020 General Election ( Click With Voter Fraud | Current Status | Without Voter Fraud

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Next steps? Destroy Dominion Software and send all Democrat gangsters to Jail!

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