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Online Bibel Hebräisch und Deutsch

21.Feb.2020: Seite wird laufend angepasst, sobald neue Deutsche Bücher bzw. Übersetzungen auf SEFARIA sind. (BS”D – Mit der Hilfe Gottes)
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Kenes Artzi and the Messianic Movement in Israel

(German: Kenes Artzi und die Messianische Bewegung in Israel)

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The Written and the Oral Torah

Did you ever want to know what Torah really is? And what are the Talmud, Mishna, Midrash, etc.? Who were their authors? Watch this fascinating shiurim!

(Copied from Scroll Down with Dr. Michael Chighel (*)

Scroll Down is a 10-part course designed to orient viewers on the process of the Torah’s transmission and exposition through the ages.
With deep insight and ample humor, Dr. Chighel leads a delightful tour among the people, places and events that have shaped the Jewish library.

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Michael Servetus – De Trinitatis Erroribus

Michael Servetus
Michael Servetus, the Passion, the Martyr.
Genève-Servette is definitely more than the famous Swiss Ice-Hockey Club in Geneva, the city of John Calvin! Hardly anybody knows the roots of this Geneva suburb called Servette. The name of this town is in honor of Michael Servetus, the very man who fought for the truth and was killed by Reformer Jean (John) Calvin on 27 Oct 1553. Read and see more below.

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