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(DE) Photo Gallery

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Many photo albums can be found in my Picasa Archive or on Google Photos.
Just to mention a few: | Viele weitere Alben – Nur um einige zu erwähnen:

Israel Impressions

  • Israel 2016: Tel Aviv Ulpan: Album Link
  • Israel 2015: Pessach in Jerusalem (and more): Album Link
  • Israel 2014: Jerusalem, Tiberias, Beit She’an, Sderot, Shiloh: Album Link
  • Israel 2014: Visiting “Hope for Sderot”: Album Link
  • Israel 2012: Evangelical Outreach (Before my ChrExit!): Album Link
  • Israel 2012: Jerusalem, Tiberias, Dead Sea: Album Link
  • Israel 2010: Jerusalem: Album Link
  • Israel 2008: Jerusalem: Album Link
  • Israel 2007: Kultour Reisen / Gemeinde von Christen (GvC): Album Link
  • Israel 2001: First Time in Israel! Album Link

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Schwarzsee/Lac Noir (Kt.Fribourg) Impressions

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